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Friday, 9 January 2009

I'm not apologising

HAHAHA lies. I am apologising. I have not updated and the only person disappointed is going to be future me. Fuck him, he is not me. Today we're going to try and write some non-script related humour. Maybe, the same way people write for articles in humour magazines (who buys humours magazines?) but I'm not sure that could work for me.

Scripting is alright, I guess. I'm not sure of the quality of my scripts as I haven't had anyone actually critical read them. I like them, but to be honest they might not be the best. I'd really like to work with someone else and write with them, but not much oppurtunites because I am in school and there you get graded on your own work. Not the work you did with Timmy who just happens to be the best in the class and would you believe it he brought out your best side in fact you seem to have developed a very similiar writing style to Timmy.


Shit, I need to write something.

Timmy: I'm so glad we can work on this project together.

Chris Yes. Yes it will be most...educational.

Timmy: You paused there.

Chris: Did I? Perhaps it was something you...imagined?

Timmy: You're still doing it.

Chris: Do you want to know what happened to the last person that...interfered with my affairs?

Timmy: You paused again.

Chris: I was forced to...terminate him.

Timmy: That means kill right?

Chris: I was forced to...terminate him.

Timmy: Terminate is a stupid euthamism for kill.

Chris: I was forced to...terminate him. The man who meddled.

Timmy: I mean, a good one would be something like "sort him out". That implies that you did something for the people in the know, and the people who don't know anything will assume you sent him to a training seminar or something.

Chris: I am implying I may have to...sort you out.

Timmy: On some sort of Training Seminar?

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