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Monday, 23 February 2009

Happy Anniversary Blog

Let's...let's make it special. Sit down. 

I don't know about this should we? 

No, no, you're right as usual. 

No, it's okay, no, I'm fine. 

I love jazz! How did you...? 

But the broken glass...James. James am I hearing this right?

You bet your sweet ass!

[/Hilarious Sarcasm]

Skippy: But I can't...I'm so alone!

Georgie: You're not alone, Skippy. You've got me.

Skippy: I suppose but...

Enter Rapetron 6000

Skippy: (shrugs) 6 o clock already?

Studio Laughter.

And that is it for the bi monthly update.

Sorry Future John. Have to come up with you own ideas.

With your damn hoverboots.

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