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Monday, 16 February 2009


It's either the start of a porn franschise or the best comedy ever written. This's stripes!

Ted: Evan, wake up.

Evan: What? Did they...?

Ted: I think they're going to.

Evan: Well, next time wait 'til there's some penetration. I'm not paid to collect Zebra Foreplay.

Ted: Don't you think it's beautiful?

Evan: It's just a job, Ted. Money for zebra semen, it's a simple equation.

Ted: I know, I have some of that, but still it could be something more...more glorious if you let it.

Evan: Have you turned into a romantic while I was sleeping?

Ted: I had you going there for a minute though.

Evan: I guess so.

[A brief Pause]

Ted: I love their faces when we take it away from them.

Evan: "Give me back my semen!"

Ted: That is exactly it!

Evan: Thanks.

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