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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Could you stop crying please?

Adam: Please. You're scaring the lemurs.

Amy: I can't help it.

Adam: Really? Because you could know. Stop.

Amy: It's a disease. I cry all the time, except when I would normally cry.

Adam: How did you catch it? Is it like a sex thin-

Amy: No

Adam: So how

Amy: It's a sex thing.

Adam: Oh shit do I have it now?

Amy: But we haven't had sex.

Adam: Haven't we?

Turns out they have, because all this time we've been doing close-ups on their faces and it turns out they were fucking!



o0Sarah0o said...

Wouldn't it still be obvious that they were fucking? Unless they were just lying on top of each other not moving, which doesn't really count.

Fenghar The Nord said...

It hurts to have my mind blown this hard.