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Sunday, 5 October 2008

A case to "crack"

It's purple splodge again!

Opening Shot. A masked figure kills Yellow.

Yellow: Aaaaaahhhhhhh! [dies]

Enter Purple. Pops up from side of screen.

Purple: I guess she's been "killed"

Opening Credits and things. Music by "The Who".

Purple: I know it was you, Green!

Green: I'm not even real. I'm one of your hallucinations!

Red: She's right, purple. It can't have been either of us, we're figments of your imagination.

Purple: Oh yeah.

Purple Detective Office

Purple: If it wasn't them, then who was it.


Purple: I want money for drugs. Maybe if I kill Yellow, I can take her money.

End of Flashback.

Purple: Cool, I'm a murderer.

The preceding script is likely to win a BAFTA.

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