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Saturday, 11 October 2008

A little bit Racial

Okay. Today we have a sketch or tv show that explore race and its repurcussions in our society. I think it's funny as well. Although it might not be. It's a bit like Shcroed - Schroeding - Shroodonger's- the quantum physics thing with the cat.

A couple a sitting on a park bench. It is a heterosexual couple. They are white.

Man: Have you ever noticed how black people -

Presenter: Let me just stop you there. How can you be sure this conversation isn't going to be racist?

Man: I guess I can't.

Woman: It sounded a bit racist, but I wasn't sure. It could have been an observation.

Presenter: Well, I know one way to find out.

He holds up a device.

Presenter: This device contains a hotline to several people, representing most of the races in the world. You need never be racist again.

Man: What about intentionally?

Presenter: It doesn't actually stop you from being racist, just advises you on what is and isn't racist.

Man: What about anit-semitism?

Presenter: Oh, didn't you hear? That's alright now. It's post-modern and ironic.

Woman: It's about bloody time.

Presenter: Of course it's not alright! Why would it be alright? Why would abusing someone because of something they can't change be alright?

Woman: I just thought -

Presenter: You thought wrong, love.

Man: I'm not marrying a Nazi.

Woman: But, I'm not a-

Presenter: Come on, let's go.

Presenter and Man walk off into the sunset.

So I was thinking that this could be like the end or something of a documentary about race. It could be a bit light-hearted after all the talk about the KKK and things like that.

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