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Saturday, 18 October 2008

A bit of LIGHT Entertainment

Along comes John, in his uppity thespian ways, writing his first proper thing for YouTube.

John: Oh, a light turned on in the middle of the day.

Turns it off.

John: It was probably a mistake.

Scene 2 In  Which John finds a second light turned on

John: I'll just turn this off.

Turns it off.

John: Maybe they forgot about the global energy crisis.

Scene 3

John turns off a light

John: It could be a different person.

Scene 4

John: Why is it on now?

Turns it off.

John: What purpose does it serve? It gives out no light.

Scene 5

Turns off a light.

John: It's the middle of Summer. The only time people need this light is if they happen to be making breakfast at 1 o clock in the morning.

Scene 6 At the Dinner Table

John: So, whoever is torturing me like this, can you please stop? I'm finding it very hard to sleep knowing energy is being wasted.

Sarah: Actually, I've been wondering who it is as well. I think we can all agree not to turn it on again.

Scene 7

Comes across a light turned on.

John: Just stop! I don't care who it is, just stop turning the light on! I'm losing my mind!

He kneels down.

John: Why!? Why would someone do this?!

He begins to weep, but in the middle of it, turns off the light.

Scene 8

John: Okay. I'll turn this off and wait. We'll see who keeps turning the light on.

Scene 9

Someone is scuttering about near the light switch. John wakes up behind the futon.

John: What? Who's there?

Goblin: It is me, the Goblin that wastes Electricity.

John: More like the Goblin of being a bender.

John hits the goblin with the halberd.

John: [turns to camera] Don't be a Goblin Bender. Turn off the light.

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