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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Get Back to Your Roots

It's the new game show from ITV, "Get back to Your Roots!". It's a hybrid show, involving mindless guesing ( a la Deal or No Deal) and mild racism all involved in the central theme of puns around the word "root".

Round One
We've hidden some root vegetables in these boxes, and all the contestants have to do is work out what's in their box.

Is it a potato? Yes. A lot of them are potatos.

Is mine a potato, also? No. It's a carrot. Some of them are carrots. We could only remember two root vegetables.

Is mine a carrot? No. It's a potato.

Round Two
We've found some people who aren't from the United Kingdom and dressed them in shiny mirroball suits. Guess what country they're from, using only they're face.

India! No. How could that possibly be true?

China! Close, it was Japan, but her parents are from China.

Africa! Ok, first of all Africa isn't a country, and also that's quite racist to assume that all black people are from Africa. He's from North America. He's a mormon and likes long walks in the rain.

The black man and the Presenter begin to kiss.

Israel! That's...correct. How did you work it out?

I'm blind to race.  I see. That's very liberal of you.
I see only the person.

Round Three
In which we mix Rounds One and Two together. All the contestants have to do is guess which root vegetables grow in the native countries of this set of people.

Potato! Correct. Potatoes grow in most places.

Potato! That too is correct.

Carrot! Wrong. You really should have said potato.

I didn't want to take the easy way out.

Rhubarb! That's not a root vegetable. And even if it were, it's wrong.

And at the end of the game we total up the points and the people with the most go  on an all-expense-paid trip to Sheffield.

The show is made in Australia.

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