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Friday, 10 October 2008

New Character

Okay, it's a football match. And here is the commentary.

Announcer: And it's Wells coming up the inside, he's taken possesion and - yes - he's kicked the ball into the stands. The ball-boy comes out with another ball, Wells punches the ball-boy and takes the ball and kicks it into the stands.

Second Announcer: This is unheard of in Footballe. He has kicked another ball out of the stadium, and is now returning to his goal.

Announcer: Wait! He's standing up! He's run onto the pitch and taken the ball from the hands of the goalie. He has kicked it into the stands.

Second Announcer: He's being lead away by the Police.

Announcer: He's broken free! He's running to the top of the stadium, I don't believe this Wells is pulling a sniper rifle.

Second Announcer: For those just joining us, Wells is at the top of the stands and has just shot 6 of the last 7 balls in HillSide Stadium.

Announcer: Wells has just dived from the top of the stands and is...Wells is flying like Superman.

Second Announcer: Perhaps more like the Green Lantern.

Announcer: Or Captain Marvel?

Second Announcer: Whoever he's like, Wells has just kicked the last ball out of the stadium.

Announcer: This will go down in Footballe history.

Second Announcer: Wells has just saluted the stadium and flown to the moon.

Announcer: I am naming my child Wells. He is so awesome.

I love this sketch idea.

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