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Friday, 23 July 2010


So, it rained for four days. It's July. IT'S JULY!!!

Which means I can't run because running in the rain isn't a fun experience, i.e. I get cold. Anyway, this is based on an idea I had a long time ago.

Meeting room. Writers and producers are meeting.

John: So, you've read the script, any notes?

Mr Blah: Scene 2.

John: Yes, the scene with an attractive lady.

Mr Bluh: Do you mind if we read it out.

John: Not at all.

Mr Bleh: *Ahem*

"John: Hello, Sophie.

Sophie: Why hello, John. What a...pleasant surprise.

John: Yes it is. And it's good that this isn't a tv show.

Sophie: No no, this isn't a tv show. This is real life that is being recorded.

John: And we're going to have sex.

Sophie: Yes we are, because you're so good at sex. "

Mr Bloh: This scene continues for 10 pages.

John: I think it's important for the viewer to realise that I am literally and truly having sex with this woman.

Mr Blaaaa: You said you were gay!

John: Yes is to say, yes. I did say that. Because I meant it. I love penises?

Mr Bleeen: John. It's peni.


Mr Blup: We can't have someone who isn't gay working in television. NOW GET OUT

John: I'm writing about this in my blog.

None of that actually happened, except for the scene with all the sex. That's autobiographical. (THAT MEANS IT'S TRUE)

Also, fenghar if you're reading this, I would like to move the recording session either forward or back an hour.


Fenghar The Nord said...

How about we do both!?

*Silly Face with hands up in the air like "oops"*

*Laugh Track*

*Roll Credits*


*Leave Set*

*Snort a line of Cocaine in Dressing Room*

*Go to party at notorious high-class club with male cast members*

*Ecstasy and Cocaine Orgy*

*Kill a homeless person*


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