There is no god and I am proof.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

All up in your face, I'm just saying grace

Leaf green, House of Flies
I do not believe your lies
Every day is when I strive
Beat my heart to stay alive

And if conscious thought departs
Is this death?
And to sleep is to pierce the veil.

Okay, yesterday it was raining, so I didn't go for a run so I didn't type up a script because it was time for bed. Anyway I been thinking lately about whether I am a boy or a man. I have decided man and that I started feeling that way when I realised there wasn't a god. In that moment eternity was snatched away from me and manhood given in its place.


Iron Cross? Iron filings more like
A shadowy meeting room.

Janus: So you've installed the magnets?

Protha: Indeed we have.

Janus: Then we are ready for Operation Forced Acknowledgement.

Present day. Not that just then wasn't the present day. All of this.

All of it is the present day. Anyway we're at a mayoral debate.

Heather: help those least fortunate amongst us.


Garett: My opponent has been incredibly eloquent in her defense of her DISGUSTING policies.

Heather: I'm sure, Garett. Move aside, I am the mayor. There is nothing you can do.

Garett: Oh no? [into lapel] Activate magnets!

Heather's arm goes into a nazi salute.

Garett: Looks like your beloved would-be-mayor is a nazi!


Man: It is always the good who are corrupted by the disease of anti-semitism.

Heather: I'm not a racist.

Garett: Your hand disagrees!

Heather: [She starts crying] I love jews!

Garett: Love to kill them!

Man: She's crying! We need to take her side!

Garett: Your crocodile tears won't work on this audience!

Man: She's pretending to cry? I hate her more!

Heather runs away.

Man: We love you, Garett! You aren't a nazi like the rest of the world.

Garett: Yes it's all falling into place!

Man: What?

Garett: Nothing.

Man: That sounded evil what you said just then.

Garett: Could you come here?

The man comes to Garett. Garett shakes his hand and discreetly injects it with a magnet. Man goes back to his seat.

Garett: Activate the magnet!

The man starts to give a nazi salute.

Garett: Look, he's a nazi!

Audience: Gasp! We won't ever doubt you.

later Garett is in his study looking into the mirror.

Garett: No one will know my secret.

He tears off his face to reveal stalin's face.


later at another debate.

Garett: Anyway we all need to be like super-kind to each other.

Opponent: Are you some kind of commie?

Garett: Activate magnets. BOO Nazi!

Opponent: Actually, this is a freedom salute.

Audience cheers.

Garett: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-

So a twist ending for our friend Garett. Who knows if he will ever return he won't

he won't ever come back


Fenghar The Nord said...

I like the part about the nazi. that was my favorite

Apocalyptus said...

I liked the magnets.