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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Burn the World!

Alright, Burn the World! is my new show for kids featuring Terry the tuna and Terri the tuna. One is a boy and the other is a girl.

Terry: Hey kids, welcome to the show.

Terri: Today we'll be talking about arson!

Terry: Don't we talk about that every week?

They laugh.

Terri: Yeah, we do. Now give me a kiss.

They kiss.

Terry: Nice kiss, sis!

Terri: Thanks. Today's show we'll be talking about petrol and how it can be used to invoke that most primeval of instincts, fire.

Terry: You can find petrol  at a lot of places but today we'll be concentrating on stealing it from a petrol station.

Terri: Now to do this you will need:

Screen is replaced with a blue background and items pop up when they are mentioned.

Terri: A bucket.

Terry: Hands.

Terri: A scape-goat.

Terry: A petrol station. You can usually find them with the help of some sort of map.

Screen goes back to Terry and Terri.

Terri: Once you've got your ingredients you'll need to go your petrol station. Calmly place the bucket under the nozzle and press it in. At this point you'll want to hide a bit and put your scape goat in clear view.

Terry: And you're done. You've gathered your petrol. Tune in next week and we'll be showing you the petrol bomb. Bye kids, and remember...

Terri and Terry: Burn the world!

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