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Monday, 17 November 2008

Cardboard Box Father

Alright, this is how I write when it's nearly midnight and I feel like writing.  Watch out for language, I hear it BITES. Oooh, gotcha.

Scene 2 The bedroom

Mother: Oh, that feels so good. It's so good!

Cuts to shot of Cardboard Box with hat on.

Mother: Oh, fuck me Bad boy.

Enter Henry.

Henry: I couldn't sleep.

Mother: You're 17.

Henry: I wanted to interrupt your sex.

Mother: Well I hope you're happy becau-

Bump sound is heard from somewhere else in the house.

Mother: What was that?

Man with gun runs in.

Man: Come with me!

Mother: No.

Shot of the box.

Man: You've seen through my lie? I have no choice but to end it all.

Man takes his own life. He is later seen in the next shot running away.

Shot of the box.

Mother: Oh, George, I love you.

She hugs the box.

Right, I think that's the end of that awkward writing experience.

Was it good for you?

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