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Monday, 17 November 2008

Other people's sketches

Alright, here's someone else's sketch made better. 

There is a presenter with a puppet called Je Pe Pe.

Je Pe Pe: You haven't please me, Joe.

Presenter: No, no you're not going to-

Je Pe Pe: I'm gonna rape you.

Presenter: No, please I'll do anything.

Presenter arranges Je Pe Pe into the raping position. A cry of "cut" is heard and Je Pe Pe is placed on the floor.

Presenter: Who watches this?

Director: Perverts.

Presenter: Perve-

Director: And their mums.

There is a silence.

Director: Should I have lied?

Enter Producer.

Producer: Um, I've been listening on the mikes. Could I have a word?

Producer takes Director aside and talks to him quietly.

Producer: You should have lied. Actors are fucking mental.

Camera pans to a window which the Presenter is running towards. Cries of "Noooo!" are heard until the Presenter turns around, takes off a mask and runs back to the Producer and Director.

Presenter: (Pointing at the Director) We sure got you!

Director: Who are-

Presenter: (Through gritted teeth) Shut up and wave at the camera.

They all wave as the camera pans slowly to a man weeping.

This started off as me improving someone else's sketch. It ended as one of my more surreal ideas, but luckily got the theme of famous-but-I-don't-know-them across seeing as how I'll be exploring that.


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