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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Follow me

Can you follow?
Can you follow it through?




Kicks In.

Boom: Woah.

Tick Tock: Yes.

Band: It hurts.

Tin Man: Only me.

Tick Tock: Only us.

Boom: Only darkness.

Band: Follow.

ASCII: /||\

Band: That was crap.

Boom: Boom.

Tick Tock: Boom x 2.

Boom: Comedy starts now.


Everyone loves rabbits alright, so this sketch should get me the popular vote. You know, the people that normalwieser watch Two Pints.

Greg: Hello, Craig.

Craig: Hello Greg. You are gay.

Pause for laughter.

Craig: I saw you watch High School Musical. Do you want to sex me?

Greg: Oh no. What you saw was a hilarious misunderstanding.

Craig: Look at my green cock!

Craig begins to jump on the table waving his willy around. It is green.

Craig: I ate loads of coins. Isn't that MENTAL?

Greg: It is mental. Or is metal?

Craig: That was the wrong balance.

Enter the Joke Police.

Joke Police: We heard there was a disturbance.

Craig: Yeah, Greg used the wrong kind of humour. We normally go for the shitty references and the shock gags, but the guy used a pun.

Joke Police: Okay. We know what we're doing. Greg, it's time to come with us now. We'll take you away from here and put you in a nice intellectual comedy.

Greg: I...I'd like that.

Right, that was very exploratory and it got away from me for a while, but I think by the end I wrestled it into submission. Death to the tea-makers. Woah, that was too random. I don't like that kind of humour and it sort of came out.


Stop it.

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