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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Komedy Klassics

Here's one from when the 'rents would drag me to church and I would sit at the bag and draw people as naked women and occasionally write scripts and draw t-shirt designs. This one was originally written in black felt tip.

Geoff: Why hello there!

Trev: I guess?

Geoff: Yes.

Trev: What?

Geoff: Hello!

Trev: Could you....stop?

Geoff: No!

Woman walks by.

Geoff: Hello!

Sharon: Why?

Geoff: I work for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Trev: And someone wished there would be an obnoxious man shouting pleasantries at people?

Geoff: Yes! Hello to you! [Geoff slaps Trev]

Enter Simon. Simon is a young boy who is pathetic and I bet when he is away from this script he irritates his brother by FUCKING SINGING all the time and making rude comments and gahhh what a FUCKING DICK.

Simon: Hello Geoff.

Geoff: Aren't you dying? I have to be a dick because you're dying.

Simon: I'm not dying. Perhaps somebody else is?

Trev: So you're just a dick?

Geoff: No, no. He's dying. I saw him in hospital.

Simon: Did you?

Geoff: I...I thought I did. But if you're alive, maybe I'm insane.

Simon: Quite.

Trev: Wanna bum?

Geoff: Yeahhhhhhh

The Who plays.

So there we go, some klassic komedy for anyone who loves that kind of ting, mon.

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Fenghar The Nord said...

Needs more close ups on penises. I seriously have been wanting to draw a lot of these. But I'm lazy so no.