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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sleeve Cape

Alright you guys listen, I just got back from my run (hey this story again nice; such variety; I love it when he goes on about his run - Just a sample of the many emails I get when I talk about my run.) and I had an idea for a new garment. Like a new kind of clothe. Like trousers and waistcoats and skirts are types of garment. Well get ready for this one.

Imagine if you will a jacket, with straps on the inside, to attach to your shirt. Now, you attach these straps, sort of braces-like clamps, and suddenly you don't have to wear the sleeves or anything. You've got a kind of coat-shaped cape. Now you could make the coat part whatever, like have whatever design. And the best part is you can convert probably anything into a sleeve-cape.
So anyway, that's what's going to be big in twenty 'leven.

And now, after presenting my fantastinating idea, I will give you a script for your patience.

Margaret and the Miners
For this to work you need to accept two presumptions. Margaret Thatcher is prime minister again and adamantium is a thing.
We join the action in the office of No 10.

Official: So, we've got the results of the satellite scan here. It shows a large patch of adamantium ore, here. Where all the miners live.

Thatcher: How will we extract this ore? This natural resource?

Official: I was going to get the miners to do it. Should I...should I do that?

Thatcher: No. No I've got a much better idea.


Newsreader: The government today announced their new program to extract the valuable adamantium ore from North Yorkshire and Newcastle. All roads in Britain will be adapted so that they draw power from the cars that run on them. An official compared this plan to "A treadmill for cars" and said that it would make our cars healthier, although it will take twice as long to get anywhere.

Newsreader: Miners have expressed outrage at this plan. We go live to their press conference.


Miner: C'mon. Let us mine the ore.

Thatcher: No.

See there was satire. But man I am just too excited about the sleeve-cape. Seriously, I am thinking about making some prototypes.

Goodnight, god bless.

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