There is no god and I am proof.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Happy Anniversary Blog

Let's...let's make it special. Sit down. 

I don't know about this should we? 

No, no, you're right as usual. 

No, it's okay, no, I'm fine. 

I love jazz! How did you...? 

But the broken glass...James. James am I hearing this right?

You bet your sweet ass!

[/Hilarious Sarcasm]

Skippy: But I can't...I'm so alone!

Georgie: You're not alone, Skippy. You've got me.

Skippy: I suppose but...

Enter Rapetron 6000

Skippy: (shrugs) 6 o clock already?

Studio Laughter.

And that is it for the bi monthly update.

Sorry Future John. Have to come up with you own ideas.

With your damn hoverboots.

Monday, 16 February 2009


It's either the start of a porn franschise or the best comedy ever written. This's stripes!

Ted: Evan, wake up.

Evan: What? Did they...?

Ted: I think they're going to.

Evan: Well, next time wait 'til there's some penetration. I'm not paid to collect Zebra Foreplay.

Ted: Don't you think it's beautiful?

Evan: It's just a job, Ted. Money for zebra semen, it's a simple equation.

Ted: I know, I have some of that, but still it could be something more...more glorious if you let it.

Evan: Have you turned into a romantic while I was sleeping?

Ted: I had you going there for a minute though.

Evan: I guess so.

[A brief Pause]

Ted: I love their faces when we take it away from them.

Evan: "Give me back my semen!"

Ted: That is exactly it!

Evan: Thanks.