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Monday, 17 May 2010

Dude we're all the same? So we're all gay?

I was out running yesterday (Yes, I went to bed instead of doing this. I had already turned my computer off when I remembered that I should have written this up. Shut up.) and I found a can of Diet Coke in a box that said 24x Diet Coke. It was sealed and the last one in the box so I took it and drank it and it was fucking delicious.

I love my run. Anyway this one is about office life.

Exploring more than just Sexualities
An office situation, just like last time. David is middle-management, called in to see his boss. Tony.

Tony: Daveeee

David: I prefer David.

Tony: That's great Davy. Listen you must have heard a lot of talk about promotion recently.

David: Yeah, but didn't Ted already get that?

Tony: Dave, you're going to be much higher than Ted. Much higher than all of us.

David: What.

Tony: We're sending you to an emerging market.

David: Oh no.

Tony: Come over here Tony. [Tony is standing by the window] Look up there.

David: I can only see clouds.

Tony: That's because it's daytime. When it's dark what would you see?

David: I guess, stars.

Tony: What else, dave dave?

David: [cringing] Nebulas?

Tony: Don't hold out on my Dave boy!

David: *sigh* You'd see the moon.

Tony: [Sitting back down] Guess where you're going.

David: Am I going to the moon?

Tony: Yeahhh!

Later on the moon.

David: This is shit.

A communicator buzzes on. It is Tony.

Tony: Hey, Dave.

David: Yeah?

Tony: You settled it?

David: Probably as much as I'll ever be.

Tony: Good. Now you're probably wondering what your duties are.

David: You didn't tell me while I was on Earth. Even though I asked.

Tony: Well no one wins when we play the blame game.

David: What are my duties?

Tony: See that pickaxe in the corner of your settlement?

David: The one with the label Cheese Miner?

Close up of the pickaxe. It has a brand name, Cheese Miner.

Tony: It's for mining cheese. Get at it!

David: This is the worst day ever.

Anyway that was a good idea, a medium execution making an okay sketch. Not filler. Definitely not filler. My favourite part was the direction "Later on the moon". Not many people get to write that do they?



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Diet coke gives you cancer maaaan.

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