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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Father/Son Bonding

Your petty government
Your Sacrament
Your words that you Sent
No one knows what you meant

You lost the meaning when you turned it from thoughts to words
And then again when people turned it from speech to what they heard
And what the herd heard is exactly what they want to hear
But it's not exactly near, your vision to here.

Okay, second script on the Second of February. This is good, this is progress. I've got an idea for a series for next week that you might find interesting, but for now, let's kick it over to the Rolling Stones oh wait they're not relevent I mean Britney Facebook Bieber Twitter

Jesse you gots to teach me Search Engine Optimisation

Father/Sun Outing
A park. A father and his son are walking next to each other. Michael and Scott are their names. Patrick walks by them.

Patrick: Why do you even have a son? You are not utilising the possibilities!

Michael stops walking and stares at Scott.

Michael: You're right! [to scott] Son!

Scott: Yes father?

Michael: I've got big plans for you.

Scott: Cripes, dad!

Michael: Son?

Scott: Yes.

Michael: Don't...don't talk like that.

Fight Montage.

Michael: Okay-

Sorry that should say Fight Mortgage.

Michael: Son, we're going to the the Fight Bank.

Sorry that should say Fight Wank.

Michael: Son.

Scott: Yes father?

Michael: This is going to be uncomfortable.

Sorry that should say ERECT

Michael: Son-

Which part should say ERECT? That is DELIBERATELY AMBIGIOUS!

Michael: Sun

Sun: Yes, human?

Michael: Good job, Sun. Keep on shining.

Sun: Glad to to have your support.

Scott: Was that sarcasm at my dad, son?

Sun: No, I really needed the validation of something a trillion times smaller than me.

Michael: Was that sarcasm at my sun, son?

Sun: No.

Dad: You knew what I meant!


Scott: Oh shit!

Sun: Nah I'm just playin'.

hey fuck you no one cares if it's short you're getting a script right the next day after you already got one
you disgust me and there's probably going to be one tomorrow as well


Anonymous said...

I read this and for a moment I was struck with terror at the realization that this was an exact chronicle of my life but then I remembered that I don't have any memories because my short term memory got damaged and now I don't have any memories but when I read this I felt really scared because I tho

Apocalyptus said...

Good, good. Need more scripts please.

Anonymous said...

luv it